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Anna Turner
Anna Turner


Fort Collins, Colo.

High School:
Fort Collins HS




Most memorable moment: While of course winning our first national championship on the women's and then the men's side will forever be engrained as two of my most favorite team memories, I feel those two moments are only a sidenote to the millions of moments that led up to us winning. I don't have one single most memorable moment, but a million little ones. Rocket's crazy, eccentric, positive energy for 6am sprint group workouts, running as a team down the mall in 105 degrees, figuring out what it takes to win, Frank's gutteral sounds during abs, Rhody's jokes, Augie's singing, Bill's artwork, Christmas training, celebrating, and just the day to day monotony of what we do, and how we seem to make it enjoyable most of the time are just a few of the many memories I will walk away with and cherish always.

Why Arizona?: After having multiple coaches in the period of a few years, I yearned for a team with coaches that didn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, I have found not only just that, but what I believe to be the best team environment in the world. The coaches are second to none, the athletes are second to none, and the concept of team and what that entails is second to none. The beautiful weather and the opportunity to chase down a national championship were also a lure for me

What have you learned here at Arizona?: I guess the biggest lesson I have learned in my time here is patience. Sometimes the cards don't always fall where we want them at the exact time we want them to. But being on this team, and seeing how Frank didn't win his first team title until his 19th year at the UofA shows how much patience can pay off. You may not know when, but if you have patience with your swimming, with love, with life in general, the cards will fall, and because you have been so patient, you will be that much better for it.

What's on your ipod?: Anything from Sengalese music to Jack Johnson, Morcheeba to Hendrix, DJ Tiesto to minimal house. It's all in there.

Favorite Quote: "To win is to be the best in the history of your body" -Rocket DeMont. "The worst things that happen are always the best things that happen" -Madonna.

Favorite Food: Mom's homecookin

Favorite Place to Visit: Europe

Philosophy on Life: Have patience. Love. Be Kind. Respect.

What makes the Arizona swim/dive experience so special?: The team atmosphere and comraderie, the strive to get better together, the coaches, Rocket's sprint.

Personal Bests:


Short Course

50 free


100 free


200 free


100 back