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With "My Account" manager you have the ability to take control of some of your account information as well as checking on information from the convenience of your home computer. Here are some of the many tools available through "My Account" manager.

Football Postseason / Bowl Game Ticket Requests

1)    For information go to

2)    New requests are available online for all fans. However, seats for 2014-15 Wildcat Club members and/or season ticket holders are assigned first based on the Wildcat Club Priority Points System. If you aren’t a current Wildcat Club member click here to join, or make a deposit here for 2015 season tickets. Sign in, and under Renewal Applications, select Bowl Game Ticket Requests.

3)    Only Pac-12 affiliated bowl games are available for request until Arizona is officially selected for a bowl game.

Renewal Applications

View, pay and print your season renewal applications online. This includes all season ticket renewals, all Wildcat Club membership renewals and all postseason ticket applications.

Ticket Transfer ($2.50 fee)
A new feature for season ticket holders - you can now transfer (foward) one or more of your individual game tickets to a friend online. This is a great tool for out of town fans or businesses who cannot use their tickets for a specific game. Simply log into your account, click the Transfer Tickets button, and select the game(s) and seat(s) that you would like to transfer. Then enter the email address of the person you would like your tickets to go to. That person now has 48 hours to accept the tickets. There is one fee of $2.50 per transfer (not per ticket). Once the transfer has been accepted the original tickets are no longer valid and the new tickets are sent via email.

Please note, this feature allows season ticket holders to forward one or more individual game tickets to another person. This does not allow a permanent transfer of full season tickets to another account holder.

View Priority Points
You can check your priority point status on line.  Log into your account and check on what your point standing is.  Points accrue through yearly season ticket purchase, charitable giving, being an Alum of the University of Arizona.  Make sure that your points reflect your information accurately.

Edit Account Info
Have a change of address or a new phone number?  Rather than having to send a copy of your driver's license to have your account information changed, simply logon to your record and update your address and phone numbers immediately. Also update your email address online to ensure important ticket related emails are received.

See a record of the last 3 years of donating.  You can log into your account online and view what you donated and what area of ICA it received it.
You can also check what your seats and ticket orders have been for the past 3 years.  Any single game purchase and season ticket purchase made for the last 3 seasons will show up on line.

Special on sales for either Season Ticket Holders or Donors are available, often with early on line dates.  For example last year, Season Ticket Holders and Donors had an early request period for basketball postseason and football bowl game tickets. So when the postseason basketball and bowl announcements were made many people could relax knowing their ticket request was already submitted.

To continue, and log into My Account Manager click HERE.

My Account Online Tutorial