Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Gift Club Level1st Permit2nd Permit Lot
Diamond WildcatReserved A East* or A West*A
Platinum WildcatReserved A East* or A West*C3 or D1
Golden WildcatA East or A SouthE
Silver WildcatA or BN/A
Button SalmonB or CN/A
Director's CircleC or DN/A
Coaches' CircleD or EN/A
Bear Down CircleE, F, or G (Purchase Required)N/A
Coaches' Circle and above have the opportunity to purchase parking for $70. (E, F, or G)

All Parking assignments will be based on availability, Annual Giving Level, and number of season tickets. Priority Points will be used to rank the donors within each Annual Giving Level. Disabled donor benefit parking is available in A, A West, and Cherry Garage. Disabled donor benefit parking is assigned in compliance with The University of Arizona Disability Resource Center and follows the same procedures as stated above. A limited number of disabled pay parking is located in Cherry Ave. Garage on a game by game basis. Parking assignments are not guaranteed.

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