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The University of Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is proud to sponsor the Cheerleaders, Wilbur and Wilma. These students participate in countless volunteer hours, juggle their academics, cheer on the Wildcats, and participate in several community events. It is the goal of the Spirit Program to participate in the local community and represent the student body and alumni of the University of Arizona.


1. Cheerleader, Wilbur and Wilma appearances are fulfilled based on availability. No student can miss school or a game to participate in an appearance or community event.

2. The University of Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to refuse any appearance. All requests for specific appearances will be left to the discretion of the Athletics Department. The Department will decide if any appearance conflicts with its best interests.

3. Because of the time demands on the students, we cannot guarantee that each requested appearance will be fulfilled and priority will be given to athletic related duties.

4. Appearance cannot last more than an hour and a half (1 ˝ hours).

5. Appearance fees are charged as follows: $25 (per Cheerleaders, Wilbur or Wilma) for non-profit organizations and UA departments, and $300 (per 4 Cheerleaders, Wilbur or Wilma) for corporations or individuals.

6. Cheerleaders, Wilbur and Wilma cannot do more than 2 appearances a week.

7. Requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the date of the appearance.

8. All requests must be submitted using the online Cheerleader and Mascots Request Form (Click on Inside Athletics and then Community Service) to the Office of Community Relations. We ask that you DO NOT contact the students directly.

9. Appearances will be scheduled on a first come first serve.

10. Appearances are not available during the following time periods:
  • August (unless it is a UA related event & time permits)
  • Finals (Months of December and May – the week before and during finals)
  • Spring Break - March 15–23, 2008
  • Summer (May – July)


1. The Athletics Department must receive the request a minimum of three weeks prior to the appearance date otherwise the request will not be processed.

2. All requests will receive a response within one week from the day it was submitted. This does not mean an answer will be available within that time frame, but we will confirm receipt of the request. Scheduling is challenging and it may take longer than a week to confirm or deny a request.  It is helpful to provide as much planning time as possible.

3. A follow up online survey will be e-mailed to the person who requested the Cheerleaders or Mascots.  We ask that you provide feedback in order to maintain or improve our service to the community.

4. All requests must be submitted using the online Cheerleader and Mascots Request Form (Click on Inside Athletics and then Community Service) to the Office of Community Relations. We ask that you DO NOT contact the students directly.


To contact the Community Relations staff, please call 520-621-2331. The Office and Community Relations is located at McKale Memorial Center, the north side of McKale on the third level inside the Jim Click Hall of Champions. You can enter the Jim Click Hall of Champions from the outside just north of McKale Center or from inside of McKale between the Kerr and Elliott retired jerseys.

Each request will be carefully reviewed and a confirmation will be mailed to you. All information must be included in order to process your request. Please click the online form below to submit your request. If you do not receive a confirmation that we have received your request within three days please contact us immediately.

Thank you for your interest in Arizona Athletics.  Bear Down and Go Cats!  


Organization Information:  

Name of Organization:


Street Address:






Zip Code:

Contact Information:  

Contact Name:


Daytime Phone:


Cell Phone:


E-mail Address:

Event Information:  

Name of Event:


Date of Appearance/Event:


Location of Appearance/Event:


Appearance/Event Address:


Appearance/Event Location City:


Appearance/Event Location Zip Code:


Appearance/Event Major Crossroad (Street 1):


Appearance/Event Major Crossroad (Street 2):


Name of Contact Person on-site at Appearance/Event:


Cell Phone for Contact Person on-site
(in case of emergency):


Request Spirit Group:


Time of Event (time the event starts):


Time of Speaking/Appearance:
(Time you would like the spirit group to start)


Length of Speaking/Appearance (i.e. 30 minutes):


Type of Appearance/Event:


If you selected "Other" for event type, please describe event:


Please describe EXACTLY what
you want spirit group to do:


Age Range of People Benefiting (i.e. 5-60 years):


Number of People Attending:


Number of Minorities Benefiting:
(This figure helps us determine
minority outreach efforts)

Gender Breakdown of those Attending
(by number):





Other Comments: