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Community Outreach

The University of Arizona Athletics Department believes service within the community is important for enhancing the State of Arizona, the City of Tucson and surrounding communities. Through the involvement of coaches, administrators, student-athletes, cheerleaders and mascots, Arizona Athletics is working together to make our community a strong one and leads the way in education, athletics and community service.

Because of various departmental and NCAA regulations, we ask that requestors read our online policy to ensure that they qualify and then submit the official request form. Our policies vary for each type of request. We are committed to helping as many non-profit agencies and charitable organizations as possible and appreciate your understanding regarding our inability to fill personal and out-of-state requests due to resource constraints. Here are ways you can request participation with Arizona Athletics:


1.       The Athletics Department must receive the request a minimum of two weeks prior to the event date otherwise the request will not be processed.

2.       All requests will receive a response within one week from the day it was submitted. This does not mean an answer will be available within that time frame, but we will confirm receipt of the request. Scheduling is challenging and it may take longer than a week to confirm or deny a request. It is helpful to provide as much planning time as possible.

3.       A follow up online survey will be emailed to the person who submitted the request. We ask that you provide feedback in order to maintain or improve our service to the community.

4.       All requests must be submitted using the various community outreach online request forms. We ask that you do not contact the requested sport facility personnel directly.

Community Service Events

  • Hispanic Heritage Day

    Information on all the activites for AZ Athletics' Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.


Arizona Athletics Community Relations Department and The Jim Click Hall of Champions

McKale Memorial Center
1 National Championship Dr., Room N301
P.O. Box 210096
Tucson, AZ 85721
Phone: (520 621-2331 | Fax: (520) 621-2556


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