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Student-Athletes Community Service Program

Student-athletes at the University of Arizona are regarded as role models. The University of Arizona Athletics Department is fortunate to have these young adults as part of its 19 teams. The student-athletes want to thank the fans and the community for the continued support and they believe in helping make a difference in the lives of so many people.

Through the Student-Athlete Community Service program, student-athletes have reached more than 35,000 people each year. The Athletics Department and the student-athletes have established many wonderful relationships with non-profit organizations in Tucson and always welcome the opportunity to develop more partnerships. Here are just a few community service opportunities that student-athletes can participate in:

1. Public Speaking: Through the Smith Project Speakers Bureau, non-profit organizations, schools, and business organizations/clubs (i.e. Rotary, Elks, etc.) can request a student-athlete to speak to an audience about topics such as saying no to drugs, the importance of academics, achieving goals, and handling peer pressure. These opportunities also help our student-athletes develop their speaking abilities and it allows them to answer questions about what it is like to compete at the Division I level.

2. Visits to Hospitals: We have developed relationships with the Veteran's Hospital, Tucson Medical Center, and University Medical Center. Our student-athletes can spend time talking with children in the hospital or visit with the elderly.

3. Appearing at Events: Student-athletes can also make appearances at events and participate in hands on activities with children. This type of event is limited due to NCAA regulations, but our staff is willing to review each request and determine whether a student-athlete can participate.

4. Autograph Sessions: Student-athletes can participate in autograph sessions for certain types of events as well.  This is also monitored by the NCAA and each request will be considered based on those regulations.

5. Fundraisers: Student-athletes can participate at fund raising activities as a speaker, a celebrity, or a guest.  For example, fundraising activities may include events such as celebrity golf or bowling tournaments, or fundraising banquets where a guest speaker is needed.  The NCAA requires that all student-athletes and organizations complete and sign particular paper work for fundraising events. It is extremely important that student-athletes are not personally asked to participate in these events without going through the Athletics Department's Community Relations Office. In appropriate action could jeopardize a student-athletes' eligibility.


1. It is extremely important that student-athletes are not personally asked to participate in these events without going through the Athletics Department's Community Relations Office. In appropriate action could jeopardize a student-athletes' eligibility.

2. Student-athlete appearances are fulfilled based on availability. No student can miss academic or athletic responsibilities to participate in an appearance or community event.

3. The University of Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to refuse any appearance. All requests for specific appearances will be left to the discretion of the Athletics Department and the Department will decide if any appearance conflicts with its best interests.

4. Because of the time demands on the student-athletes, we cannot guarantee that each requested appearance will be fulfilled and priority will be given to athletic related duties. Although we never anticipate having to cancel a scheduled appearance, priority will be given to athletic or scholastic events. If a scheduled appearance conflicts with a student-athletes athletic or scholastic commitments, the athletics department reserves the right to cancel an appearance to be rescheduled at a later date.

5. Appearances cannot last more than two hours (including driving to and from the location).

6. Specific student-athletes cannot be requested. More than 200 student-athletes choose to volunteer their time for community service activities. The Athletics Department distributes the opportunities to all student-athletes and those who have time sign up based on their schedules.

7. Student-athletes will be driven to and from your event by a UA staff member. The transportation cannot be more than a 30-minute travel time from the University of Arizona.

8. Requests must be submitted through the Community Relations Office, please do not contact a student-athlete or coach directly.  Student-athletes are seen throughout our community and we ask that you DO NOT approach them about speaking opportunities. This policy will help the Athletics Department follow all NCAA regulations and will not jeopardize a student-athletes eligibility

9. Requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the date of the appearance.

10. Appearances are not available during the following time periods:

  • August (unless it is a UA related event)
  • Finals (Months of Dec. and May - 1 week prior to finals & the week of finals)
  • Spring Break - March 15–23, 2008
  • Summer (May - July)
  • During Post Season Competition


1. The Athletics Department must receive the request a minimum of three weeks prior to the appearance date otherwise the event will not be processed.

2. All requests will receive a response within one week from the day it was submitted. This does not mean an answer will be available within that time frame, but we will confirm receipt of the request. Scheduling is challenging and it may take longer than a week to confirm or deny a request.  It is helpful to provide as much planning time as possible.

3. A follow up online survey will be e-mailed to the person who requested the student-athlete.  We ask that you provide feedback in order to maintain or improve our service to the community.

4. All requests must be submitted using the online Student-Athlete Request Form (Click on Inside Athletics and then Community Service) to the Office of Community Relations (at the bottom of this page). Again, we ask that you DO NOT contact the student-athlete or their coach directly.


To contact the Community Relations staff, please call 520-621-2331. The Office of Community Relations is located at McKale Memorial Center, the north side of McKale on the third level inside the Jim Click Hall of Champions. You can enter the Click Hall of Champions from the outside just north of McKale Center or from inside McKale between the Kerr and Elliott retired jerseys.

Each request will be carefully reviewed and a confirmation will be emailed to you. All information must be included in order to process your request. Please click the online form below to submit your request. If you do not receive a confirmation that we have received your request within three days please contact us immediately.

Thank you for your interest in Arizona Athletics.  Bear Down and Go Cats!


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