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Administrative/Coaches Speakers Request Policy

The University of Arizona
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
Administrative/Coaches Speakers Bureau

Coaches and athletic administrators at The University of Arizona are regarded as experts in their field. The Athletics Department is fortunate to have these outstanding staff members as part of its program and it is excited to provide so many opportunities for them to give back to the local community. Our Athletic Administrators and Coaches appreciate the value of giving back to the community and they want to thank the fans and the community for the continued support.

Policy for Appearances

1. The Athletics Department's Athletic Administrators and Coaches are available for speaking engagements and community appearances dependent upon their athletic schedules and NCAA regulations:

    a) Coaches and administrators are unable to take part in fund raisers for high schools.
    b) Fund raisers involving a wide range of ages up to and including high school age youngsters (Boys and Girls Club, YMCA etc.), only non-basketball staff members and coaches may be involved. No part of the funds being raised may go to a sport specific activity including high school aged youngsters. If funds are earmarked for a boys basketball program, none of our coaches or administrators may be involved.

2. All requests must be submitted using the online Administrative and Coaches Request Form via (Click on Inside Athletics and then Community Service) to the Office of Community Relations. We ask that you DO NOT contact the requested speaker directly.

3. The University of Arizona Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right to refuse any appearance.

4. All requests for specific appearances will be left to the discretion of the Athletics Department. The Department will decide if any appearance conflicts with its best interests.

5. Because of the time demands on athletic administrators and coaches, we cannot guarantee that each requested appearance will be fulfilled and priority will be given to athletic and University related duties.

6. Endorsements are not part of the Administrative Speakers Bureau and will be referred to appropriate person.

7. Although you can submit a request as far in advance of your event due to schedules we will not begin to try and schedule your event until 3 months before your event date.

8. The Athletics Department would like the right to have an athletics department employee attend the requested appearance in addition to the coach or athletic administrator who was requested. It is the Department's hope that by having an Athletics Department staff member on-site, we will be able to address additional questions as they arise.

9. Requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the date of the appearance

10. Coaches are not available for appearances during the following time periods:

  • Recruiting Dead Periods
  • Game Days
  • During Post Season Competition
  • During regularly scheduled practice time

11. Coaches recruiting activities take precedent: an unexpected recruiting opportunity may prevent the coach from appearing at an event.

12. On occasion, an unexpected event may prevent the coach/administrator from attending a previously requested appearance. In that case, the department will do its best to provide a suitable substitute.


1. The Athletics Department must receive the request a minimum of three weeks prior to the appearance date otherwise the event will not be processed.

2. All requests will receive a response within one week from the day it was submitted. This does not mean an answer will be available within that time frame, but we will confirm receipt of the request. Scheduling is challenging and it may take longer than a week to confirm or deny a request.  It is helpful to provide as much planning time as possible.

3. A follow up online survey will be e-mailed to the person who requested the speaker.  We ask that you provide feedback in order to maintain or improve our service to the community.

4. All requests must be submitted using the online Athletic Administrative and Coaches Request Form via (Click on Inside Athletics and then Community Service) to the Office of Community Relations. We ask that you DO NOT contact the requested speaker directly.



To contact the Community Relations staff, please call 520-621-2331. The Office of Community Relations is located at McKale Memorial Center, the north side of McKale on the third level inside the Jim Click Hall of Champions. You can enter the Click Hall of Champions from the outside just north of McKale Center or from inside of McKale between the Kerr and Elliott retired jerseys.

Each request will be carefully reviewed and a confirmation will be mailed to you. All information must be included in order to process your request. Please click the online form below to submit your request. If you do not receive a confirmation that we have received your request within three days please contact us immediately.

Thank you for your interest in Arizona Athletics.  Bear Down and Go Cats!



Organization Information:  

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Event Information:  

Name of Event:


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Date of Appearance/Event:


Location of Appearance/Event:


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Name of Contact Person on-site at Appearance/Event:


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Speaker Event Arrival Time (time you would like the speaker to arrive before speaking)


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