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Mary Roby Gymnastics Training Center (Gymnastics)


The Mary Roby Gymnastics Training Center, which opened in 1994 and expanded in 2008, is one of the nation's premiere training centers, boasting the following features:

  • A large tumbling/vaulting pit with the pit area located at the end of the floor exercise diagonal.
  • Stratum/Palmer floor exercise system with adjacent 40-foot rod tumbling strip.
  • Three uneven bar stations: one regular set with official mats, one set over a resi-pit and a single rail over a loose foam pit (with over-head spotting belts).
  • Six balance beams, including a high beam over a raised platform for working difficult skills and another for working various dismounts located next to the pit.
  • A variety of springboards, safety mats and a reflex vaulting horse.
  • Forty-foot Tumbl-Trak (trampoline tumbling apparatus).
  • In-floor trampoline with Aussie string bed.
  • All gymnastics apparatus are manufactured by American Athletic Inc., which produces the same equipment used at the NCAA Championships.
  • Fully carpeted gym floor area.
  • Biomechanic analysis equipment in the workout facility.