Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday




To encourage and promote the heritage, traditions, and success of Arizona student-athletes for all former and present letterwinners; to establish and maintain the qualities that represent being an Arizona Wildcat. 

    In 1993, The University of Arizona organized an association made up of former Arizona Letterwinners called the Arizona Letterwinners' Association (a.k.a. The "A" CLUB). For the past 12 years, the "A" CLUB has been promoting and supporting The University of Arizona Athletic Department.
     The "A" CLUB is an avenue that former UA Letterwinners can take to stay actively involved in Arizona Athletics. As you did when you were a student-athlete, "A" CLUB Members strive to continue the UA tradition of athletic excellence. Through their loyalty, pride, and service, they help to ensure that each generation of Wildcats will have the best opportunity for athletic success.
     The goal of the "A" CLUB is to promote the improvement and success of The University of Arizona's Athletic Programs. Membership gifts and other revenues from "A" CLUB members are used for many purposes, such as expansion of student-athlete services and benefits for "A" CLUB members. In addition dues help support homecoming weekend and both the annual Lettermen's and Letterwomen's Breakfast.
     Continue to be a part of our "Wildcat Family", join the "A" CLUB today...BearDown!