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***Please note that this page is currently undergoing an update to reflect our current and former student-athletes'
participation in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London

The University of Arizona Olympians - Alphabetical Order
* Competed in Olympic Games prior to attending the University of Arizona
Abdi  2000: Track & Field (10,000m)
Abdirahman (USA)
  2004: Track & Field (10,000m)
  2008: Track & Field (10,000m)
  2012: Track & Field (10,000m)

1992: Swimming (400m MR/GOLD; 400m FSR/GOLD;100m BF/SILVER)


2012: Swimming (4x200m freestyle relay/GOLD)

Ahmann (USA)
Alyssa Anderson (USA)
Erin  2000: Track & Field (High Jump)
Aldrich (USA)
Klaus  2000: Track & Field (Decathlon)
Ambrosch (Austria)
  2004: Track & Field (Decathlon)
Brigetta  2012: Track & Field (High Jump/SILVER)
Barrett (USA)

2008: Swimming (4x200m FSR; 400m FS; 200m FS)

2012: Swimming (4x200m FSR)

Basson (South Africa) 
Michael  1992: Track & Field (200m/BRONZE)
Bates (USA)
Amanda  *1996: Swimming (100mBR/SILVER; 200m BR/SILVER; 400m MR/GOLD)
Beard (USA)
  2000: Swimming (200m BR/BRONZE)
  2004: Swimming (200m BR/GOLD; 200m IM/SILVER; 400m IM/SILVER)
  2008: Swimming (200m BR)
Kent  1996: Track Cycling (Individual Pursuit)
Bostick (USA)
Beth Botsford

*1996: Swimming (100m BK/GOLD; 200m BK; 400m MR/GOLD)


2012: Swimming (200m backstroke)

Clark Burckle (USA)

2004: Swimming (200m FS)

2012: Swimming (4x100m FSR)

Burnett (Great Britain)
  2008: Swimming (4x100m FSR; 4x100m MR)
Aldo  *1984: Track & Field, France (400m; 4x400m R)
Canti (France/San Marino)
  1992: Track & Field, S.M. (200m)
Ed  *1964: Track & Field (HJ/SILVER)
Caruthers (USA)
  1968: Track & Field (HJ/SILVER)
Jill Camarena-Williams (USA) Track & Field (Shot Put)
Chad  2000: Swimming (200m FS; 800m FSR/SILVER)
Carvin (USA)
Orlando  1984: Wrestling
Caceres (Puerto Rico)
Robert  1980: Road Cycling
Cook (USA)
Candy  1984: Synchro Swimming (Duet/GOLD)
Costie (USA)
Matt  2002: Men's Bobsled (4- Man Bobsled)
Dallow (New Zealand)
Marc  1996: Track & Field (3000m SC)
Davis (USA)
Rick  *1972: Swimming (1500m FS)
DeMont (USA)
George  1984: Swimming (400m FS/GOLD, 1500m FS/SILVER)
DiCarlo (USA)

2008: Baseball (Bronze)


2012: Swimming (100/200m breaststroke, 400IM)

Donald (USA)
Sara El Berki
Michelle  2004: Swimming (50m FS)
Engelsman (Austrilia)
Dwayne  *1976: Track & Field (200m/BRONZE)
Evans (USA)
Peter  *1980: Swimming (400m MR/GOLD; 100 BR/BRONZE)
Evans (Australia)
  1984: Swimming (100 BR/BRONZE; 400m MR/BRONZE)
Maryse  *1984: Track & Field (HJ)
Ewanje-Epe (France)
  1988: Track & Field (HJ)
Hope  *1980: Track & Field (400M, 4x400m R)
Ezeigbo (Nigeria)
Sandra  1984: Track & Field, Jamaica (400m H)
Farmer-Patrick (Jamaica/USA)
  1992: Track & Field, USA (400m H/Silver)
  1996: Track & Field, USA (400m H)
Claire  *2000: Diving (10m Platform)
Febvay (France)
  2004: Diving (10m Platform)
  2008: Diving (10m Platform)
Lyndon  2004: Swimming (400m FS/GOLD; 100m FS; 400m MR)
Ferns (South Africa)
  2008: Swimming (4x100m FSR; 100m FS; 100m BF; 4x100m MR)
Jennie  2004: Softball (GOLD)
Finch (USA)
  2008: Softball (SILVER)
Cristina  *1988: Track & Field (HJ)
Fink-Sisniega (Mexico)
  1992: Track & Field (HJ)
Gabriela  1992: Swimming (100m BF)
Gaja (Mexico)
Kim  1984: Track & Field (800m/SILVER)
Gallagher (USA)
  1988: Track & Field (800m/BRONZE; 1500m)
Carla  1992: Track & Field (DT)
Garrett (USA)
Charmaine  1992: Track & Field (HJ)
Gayle (South Africa)
Matt  1996: Track & Field (5000m)
Giusto (USA)
Kim  2008: Volleyball (SILVER)
Glass (USA)
Joel  2008: Swimming (4x100m FS; 100m FS)
Greenshields (Canada)
Joan  1984: Track & Field (3000m)
Hansen (USA)
Gayle  1964: Track & Field (LJ)
Hopkins (USA)
Tanya  1992: Track & Field (HJ)
Hughes (USA)
Lynda  *1984: Track & Field (JT)
Hughes-Sutfin (USA)
  1988: Track & Field (JT)
Andre  2012: Basketball (GOLD)
Iguodala (USA) 
Felix  *1980: Track & Field (400m; 4x400m R)
Imadiyi (Nigeria)
Bob  *1976: Swimming (100m BK)
Jackson (USA)
Trina  *1996: Swimming (800m FSR/GOLD; 200m FS; 200m BF)
Jackson (USA)
Robertas  2008: Basketball
Javtokas (Lithuania)
Richard  2004: Basketball (BRONZE)
Dominic  1996: Track & Field (PV; 1600m R)
Johnson (St. Lucia)
  2000: Track & Field (PV)
  2008: Track & Field (PV)
Lovie  2004: Softball (GOLD)
Jung (USA)
  2008: Softball (SILVER)
Julie LaBonte' 2012: Track & Field (Shot Put)

*1952: Diving (3m Springboard)


2012: Track & Field (5000m)

Lozano (Mexico)
Bernard Lagat (USA)
Caren  1988: Volleyball
Kemner (USA)
  1992: Volleyball (BRONZE)
  1996: Volleyball
Patty  *1960: Swimming (400m MR/GOLD, 200m BR)
Kempner (USA)
Eric  2004: Swimming (100m FS; 400m FSR)
LaFleur (Sweden)
Oliver  1996: Swimming (800 FSR/BRONZE, 100m BF, 200m BF, 400m MR)
Lampe (Germany)
Casey  1996: Swimming (50m FS, 400m FSR)
Legler (France)
Caitlin  2008: Softball (SILVER)
Lowe (USA)
Donna  1988: Track & Field (JT)
Mayhew (USA)
  1992: Track & Field (JT)
Melissa "Missy"  1988: Volleyball
McLinden (USA)
Ed  1976: Track & Field (10,000m)
Mendoza (USA)
Esko  2004: Track & Field (Javelin)
Mikkola (Finland)
Michele  1984: Diving (10m Platform/SILVER)
Mitchell (USA)
  1988: Diving (10m Platform/SILVER)
Georganne Moline (USA) 2012: Track & Field (400m Hurdles)

*2000: Swimming (400m FS/SILVER; 800m FSR/GOLD)


2012: Soccer (midfielder)

Munz (USA)
Anna Maria Montaya
Ryk  *1996: Swimming (400m FS; 1500m FS)
Neethling (South Africa)
  2000: Swimming (400m FS; 1500m FS)
  2004: Swimming (50m FS; 100m FS; 400m FSR/GOLD; 400m IM)
  2008: Swimming (4x100m FSR; 100m FS)
Nicholas Nilo-Oliveira (Brazil) 2012: Swimming (800m FS 4x100 FSR)
Jean Patrick  2000: Track & Field (800m)
Nduwimana (Burundi)
  2004: Track & Field (800m)
Ruth Waithera  1984: Track & Field (400m)
Nganga (Kenya)
Doug  *1972: Swimming (1500m FS/BRONZE)
Northway (USA)
  *1976: Swimming (400m FS)
Nicolas  Swimming (4x100m R; 4x200m R)
Nilo (Brazil)
Lacey  2008: Swimming (4x100m FSR/ SILVER; 100m FS)
Nymeyer (USA)
Leah  1996: Softball (GOLD)
O'Brien-Amico (USA)
  2000: Softball (GOLD)
  2004: Softball (GOLD)
Peter  *1980: Track & Field (100m; 200m; 400m R)
Okodogbe (Nigeria)
Erik Omar  2004: Diving
Ojeda (Mexico)
Maria  2000: Swimming (100m BF)
Papadopolou (Cypress)
  2004: Swimming (100m BF)
Glenn  *1976: Swimming (100m BK)
Patching (Australia)
  1980: Swimming (100m BK)
Jonas  2008: Swimming (4x100m FSR; 100m FS; 4x100m R)
Persson (Sweden)
Mariusz  1988: Swimming (400m FS, 1500m FS)
Podkoscielny (Poland)
  1992: Swimming (400m FS; 1500m FS; 800m FSR)
Aaron  1992: Track & Field (10,000m)
Ramirez (USA)
Walter  1964: Kayak
Richards (USA)
Meg  *1980: Track & Field (SP; DT)
Ritchie (Great Britain)
  1984: Track & Field (DT)
Luis Rivera-Morales (Mexico) 2012: Track & Field (Long Jump)
Trecia  2000: Track & Field (100m Hurdles/400m Relay)
Roberts (Thailand)
  2004: Track & Field (100m Hurdles)
Angelique  2000: Diving (3m Springboard; 10m Platform)
Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
  2004: Diving (3m Springboard; 10m Platform)
Luis  2004: Swimming (100m FS)
Rojas (Venezuela)
Tracie  1984: Synchro Swimming (Solo/GOLD, Duet/GOLD)
Ruiz (USA)
  1992: Synchro Swimming (Solo/SILVER)
Rene  1994 Winter: 4-Man Bobsled
Schmidheiny (Switzerland)

2000: Swimming (50m FS; 100m FS; 400m FSR)

2012: Swimming (50 m FS; 4x100m FSR)

Schoeman (South Africa)
  2004: Swimming (50m FS; 100m FS; 100m BF; 400m FSR/GOLD; 400m MR)
  2008: Swimming (4x100m FSR; 50m FS)
Tim  *1976: Swimming (400m FS/SILVER)
Shaw (USA)
  1984: Water Polo (SILVER)

*1972: Swimming (100m BF)


2012: Swimming (200m FS)

Shrader (USA)
Minrod Shapira Bar-or (Israel)
Tommy  *1996: Diving (10m Platform)
Sjodin (Sweden)
Claudia  1992: Swimming (100m BK; 200m BK)
Stanescu (Romania)

2008: Swimming (100m FS; 100m BF)

2012: Swimming (100m BF)

Subirats (Venezuela)
Jake  2008: Swimming (100m BS; 4x100m MR)
Tapp (Canada)
Ashley  *1992: Swimming (400m FSR/GOLD)
Tappin (USA)
  2000: Swimming (400m FSR/GOLD; 400m MR/GOLD)

2008: Swimming (200m FS; 4x100 FSR; 4x200m FSR; 200m IM; 4x100m MR)

2012: Swimming (200 IM; 4x100m FSR; 4x200 FSR)


2012: Swimming (100m BS; 4x100m Medlay Relay/Bronze)

Townsend (South Africa)
Nick Thoman (USA)
Chima  1996: Track & Field (SP)
Ugwu (Nigeria)
  2000: Track & Field (SP)
  2004: Track & Field (SP)
Amy  1996: Swimming (50m FS/GOLD; 100m BF/GOLD;400m FSR/GOLD; 400m MR/GOLD)
Van Dyken (USA)
  2000: Swimming (50m FS; 400m FSR/GOLD; 400m MR/GOLD)
Juan  2000: Swimming (200m BF; 400m IM)
Veloz (Mexico)
  2004: Swimming (200m BF)
  2008: Swimming (200m BF)
J. William 

1960: Basketball


2012: Cycling (Mountain Biking; Cross Country)

Wagner (Mexico)
Todd Wells (USA)
Anna  *1996: Swimming (100m BR; 200m BR; 200m IM; 400m IM)
Wilson (New Zealand)
O.  1984: Basketball (GOLD)
Leon Wood (USA)
Carolyn  *1972: Swimming (200m IM)
Woods (USA)
George L.  1960: Track & Field (3000m SC)
Young (USA)
  1964: Track & Field (3000m SC)
  1968: Track & Field (3000m SC/BRONZE; Marathon)
  1972: Track & Field (5000m)
Gerhard  2008: Swimming (100m BS; 4x100m MR)
Zandberg (South Africa)

Olympic Games Legend

Year Games City
1952 Summer Helsinki, Finland
1960 Summer Rome, Italy
1964 Summer Tokyo, Japan
1968 Summer Mexico City, Mexico
1972 Summer Munich, Germany
1976 Summer Montreal, Canada
1980 Summer Moscow, Russia
1984 Summer Los Angeles, California, USA
1988 Summer Seoul, South Korea
1992 Summer Barcelona, Spain
1994 Winter Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
1996 Summer Atlanta, Georgia, USA
2000 Summer Sydney, Australia
2004 Summer Athens, Greece
2008 Summer Beijing, China
2012 Summer London, England, UK