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Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
Cats Finish First of Two on Tuesday
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 13, 2013
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TUCSON, Ariz. Arizona football team started its first two-a-day of the 2013 fall camp on Tuesday with a morning practice at Kindall Field/Sancet Stadium. The Wildcats were dressed in shells, shorts and helmets. Below is a transcript of head coach Rich Rodriguez’s comments following practice.

On what they learned from two-a-days:

“Well, you learn who loves football; that’s the biggest thing. We’ve got to see if the guys have a hard edge or not, find that out. I mean, it’s been soft so far. The weather was nice in Fort Huachuca. We’ve gone live maybe five minutes of camp.”

On if the new targeting rules change coaching:

“You shouldn’t have been coaching targeting before. Anybody who was teaching the kids, or letting the kids target kids before, was teaching wrong. I don’t know any coaches who were teaching that. I just think if we’re going to be calling some hits that maybe we thought were legal in the past as a target, you just need to clarify the difference of it. But true targeting, there’s no place for that anyway.”

On redshirt freshman Clive Georges:

“There’s no first group. It’s by attrition a little bit. He’s gotten better, he’s gotten stronger; it’s important to him. Clive is probably going to play a little bit but nobody has a starting job on offense yet.”

On establishing a first team:

“By game week. I don’t feel a sense of urgency to get it before that. What’s more important for us is who is going to get reps. Our first and second groups and anybody that shows that they’re good enough to win with, so it could be three at every position. If there are three players good enough at a position, they will all get reps. By the end of this week, two weeks before the game, we will have to pare down who is going to get the quality reps. That’s the biggest thing. Not so much who is one or two. Our twos get as many reps as our ones, so the way we practice, the biggest thing for us is just finding the guys that we think we are going to be able to win with and then pair those guys down with getting all the reps the last two weeks before the game. We have four or five days before that happens.”

On the running game:

“I don’t know where anything is on offense but I’m probably about at that same level every year about this time of camp. Offense takes a little longer to execute, getting all the things cranked out, but we have some good running backs and I think we will be okay up front. I don’t know how much depth we have but we will be ok with Daniel Jenkins and Ka’Deem (Carey) running the ball.”

On what the new facility does for the program:

“It’s a big bonus. I’ve called it a game-changer, or a program-changer, just from the standpoint that it shows a level of commitment from the university, from our donors. At the end of practice, I told our team, you look around and this is as fine a practice facility as there is in the country. I’m talking about college and the NFL. With the graphics up and the messages we have on here, the whole setup…I think this is big time. The players will tell you, they agree with me because they are very appreciative. Obviously, the Lowell-Stevens Facility, but the practice facility also is a phenomenal thing for us to be able to have.”

On this camp compared to last year:

“It’s funny because you would think the first year you would have more questions, so I had that bit where I thought we knew where we were but we hadn’t had a game yet. But this year, there is as much uncertainty and maybe more. (Especially with) some of the key positions, like quarterback and some of the other spots. Last year, I knew Matt Scott was going to be a player from the first practice last spring. This year, I think we have some guys at some spots, but there are certainly concerns there, because Matt was so good. But we have more ‘knowns’, too, as far as knowing what our guys can and cannot do.”

On using the tight end position more with the lack of depth at wide receiver:

“Well, yeah. Not just that, but the depth we have at running back. We don’t have a lot of tight ends but I like to play multiple tight ends and in particular, be able to move them around, not just in the tight end spot, but be able to put them in the back field and put them out wide. We are experimenting with a lot of that stuff.”

Tickets for the 2013 football season including in the Lowell-Stevens Football Facility, are available and can be purchased by visiting the McKale Center Ticket Office, calling 520-621-CATS or by visiting Fans can also make appointments via the McKale Center Ticket Office to tour the seating areas during normal business hours.

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