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Jennifer Meeker Circle K Teacher Award
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 23, 2014
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Jennifer Meeker

Jennifer Meeker
     Jennifer Meeker earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona before deciding that education was her love. She returned to earn her Masters of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix in 2004.
Ms. Meeker began teaching at Cienega High School 9 years ago where she has taught every grade level of English. Ms. Meeker also works hard to make sure ALL of her students are achieving at high levels. She was once a student who could “hide” and participate as little as necessary. She makes sure that none fall through the cracks by the relationships she builds with them. She gets real with kids, but can balance and effectively manage her students as well. She always treats them as kids who will be adults making important decisions.
Ms. Meeker is also visible and highly involved in campus activities. Because of her knowledge that students who are involved stay in school and perform better academically, she works to provide and sponsor a variety of opportunities including some very unique clubs for high school students in Vail. She is also passionate about teaching students the importance of serving and helping other students. As such, she created the Random Acts of Kindness Club and she has spent six years serving on the Link Crew, an organization designed to have upper classmen mentoring freshmen. While freshmen are certainly benefactors of the program, the real success is the decrease in bullying by the upper classmen. They have learned a sense of responsibility to take care of their freshmen they mentor.



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