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Friends, Teammates, Family
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 11, 2014

By Charlie Newton

The bond that teammates share is something that cannot be matched. It is a bond that is something more than just friends. It is family.

For two Arizona swimmers that is exactly the case. Seniors Grace Finnegan and Margo Geer have been swimming with each other since high school. 

Best friends in high school coming from Central Ohio, Finnegan and Geer did not attend the same high school. They never competed against each other for their schools, but in their senior year both were the best in the state, in their division, in the 50 and 100 freestyle events.

When it came time to decide where to swim in college, the girls have a different recollection on how the decision was made.

“We were best friends in high school, because we come from the same city,” said Finnegan. “We took a lot of recruiting trips together and Arizona stuck out to both of us. We loved it here, but we didn’t talk about it much, because we didn’t want to influence each others decisions.”

Geer remembers it differently.

“We took a few trips together,” said Geer. “One of them was Arizona, and I kind of knew Gracie wanted to come here. I was a little more open-minded about it. She committed right away and was all over me about committing.”

The decision was made and it has led to some amazing history. Both have garnered multiple All-American nods and also have represented well in the Olympic Trials.

One moment, however, sticks out for the both of them.

“I think the most significant swim we had together was probably last year on the 800 free relay at NCAA’s when we broke the school record,” said Geer.” It is kind of interesting because coming out of high school we were sprint freestylers, so the 800 relay is a bit longer than we anticipated ever being on a relay together. That was definitely the highlight of us swimming together so far.”

In reminiscing about their years at Arizona, Finnegan and Geer have been able to not only accomplish amazing swims as Wildcats, but also have been able to impart the things they have learned to others.

“We have just been talking about how fast it has been going and just how we have enjoyed helping out the younger swimmers this year,” said Geer. “I think we kind of put our minds together and have good things to tell them and things to look forward to throughout the years.”

Both swimmers have left a legacy here at Arizona, but more than anything Geer and Finnegan will always remember the times they have had together.

“Having each other has been kind of a blessing,” said Finnegan. “A lot of people have come and gone, but we have been there for each other.”

After they graduate in May, these two plan to part ways.

“I am going to continue swimming,” said Geer. “She (Finnegan) is hopefully going to get into graduate school and possibly go back to Ohio. I might end up doing that as well down the road, but we will be separated for a while. I am sure we will keep in touch with each other.”

These two have not only had a lasting impact on the swim program at Arizona, but on each other as well.

“Having some of these moments together has been so special to me,” said Finnegan “I will never forget them.” 

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