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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 10/31/2012
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 31, 2012
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Oct. 31, 2012

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Arizona head coach Sean Miller

Opening statement:
"I would like to thank the crowd for coming to our first exhibition game on Halloween night. We have the greatest fans. It's always good that they're here for the exhibition games because it allows our young guys to get their feet wet playing in front of a big crowd, which you'd think that they're used to it but they're not. The more game experience that they can get the better it will be for the long haul."

On this year's team:
"The big difference from a year ago is the obvious, we are bigger. With size comes depth. One of the challenges for us is to utilize our size to our advantage. Although we outrebounded Humboldt and did a good job in and around the basket, for our team to give up 9-for-19 from the three, you're really playing with fire. Their open threes came from our open rotations and irresponsibility."

On the competition against Humboldt State:
"Humboldt State did a great job. One of their players was able to put up 22 points against us. They were able to challenge our guys. At the end of the night, I'm just excited that our guys are healthy and that our young guys got in the game."

On Mark Lyons' performance:
"Mark Lyons did a good job. One thing you were able to see is that he's talented in the open court. That's a quality that any team can use, especially ours with our front court depth."

Arizona Player Quotes

Sophomore Guard Nick Johnson

On the Humboldt State game
"I felt like we were prepared, we had an early summer going to the Bahamas. We just want to come out and execute."

On this exhibition season opener compared to last year
"Last year we left wondering what the season would hold. This year I think we gave up too many points, but you see the talent we have. We just have to keep finding that in practice"

On Kaleb Tarczewski
"He was nervous before the Red-Blue Game, and I told him we're playing basketball. It doesn't matter how big the gym is or how many people are in it, just go out and play. We see him in practice and know he's a big body who can score in the post with the best of them. He had a great game tonight."

"I think he has one of the best jump hooks in the game. When he faces up he's kind of like a guard. If there's a bigger guy, Kaleb can go around him, and if there's a smaller guy he can jump hook right over him."

On post players
"When you go from a 6-7 Jesse Perry to a 7-0, 255-pound Kaleb Tarczewski, or Brandon [Ashley] 6-10, Grant [Jerrett] 6-10, Angelo Chol 6-10, it's a lot easier. It makes our job easier. They create shots for us. They're the ones getting doubled down there, so that will create shots for us."

On Grant Jerrett
"He's very versatile. He can shoot, go in the post, dunk. He can do everything. He's a great athlete and great player."

On allowing 67 points
"Our job as leaders is to stay on it. We don't want to run up the score but we want to beat people by what we need to and what we can. They made nine threes against us, so that was one big part. We've just got to keep on playing, no matter what the score."

Senior Guard Mark Lyons

On playing in McKale
"It was great. I say it's my second time because of the Red-Blue Game but it's a great environment and I'm happy to be here"

On competitive practices
"If you go into practice not prepared, you could lose your spot. Coach doesn't play any favorites. Every practice everyone has to bring it, whether you're a freshman or a senior. There are no guarantees."

On post players
"There are so many of them. It's not like I have one guy who's the best I've ever played with, I have a lot of great big men who are arguably the best I've ever played with. You've got Kaleb [Tarczewski], Grant [Jerrett], [Angelo] Chol, and Brandon [Ashley]. It makes the job on all the guards easier."

On having a chip on his shoulder
"A lot of people doubted me, if I was a point guard, if I were this or that. I told the team when I got here that I'm just a basketball player. I'm going to make the right plays on the court. If someone is open I'm going to give them the ball, and if I have an opportunity I'm going to go ahead and take it. We have to have the mentality that we're the best guys on the court no matter who we're against, and I try to instill that in my teammates so we have confidence on the court."

On take-away points from the game
"I saw a lot of good from our team, on defense and offense. All I'm going to take from it is that we got the win, we played well, we worked hard, but we've got to come back tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that to get better. It's a long process."

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