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Embarking on a Finale
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 30, 2013
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By Jordy Clifton

The bond that sisters have is one that is like no other relationship. They have a way of knowing what one another is thinking without saying a word. This is something senior guard Kama Griffitts and her older sister Jenna would understand.

“We will say things at the same time, we both kind of know what each other are thinking,” Jenna said. “We laugh so hard when things like that come up, because it’s so true. We always say ‘well we must be sisters.’”

Kama’s basketball career started when she was in fourth grade. She played with both sisters Jenna and Lorin. She wanted to follow in their footsteps, try it out and see if she liked it. Turned out, Kama fell in love with the game and grew a stronger bond with her sisters in the process.

In addition to her two sisters, Kama grew up with two brothers. But between all four siblings, she has always had a special connection with Jenna.

“We weren’t as close when we were younger because of the competition with sports,” Kama said. “Ever since I have left for school, we definitely have grown stronger as sisters. We have attached more emotionally since I have been here.”

Growing up, Kama and Jenna played basketball and volleyball together. They meshed well together especially on the volleyball court.

“We are always on the same page all the time,” Jenna said. “On the volleyball court, we thought along the same lines, so it was really easy to play with her and be successful with her. We are competitively similar as well, so there is not much we have to worry about when we play with each other.”

Jenna went on to play volleyball at the next level after earning a scholarship at Weber State. Kama had an opportunity to join her, it was a big decision but Kama decided to focus on basketball and earned a spot on the roster at Arizona because of it.

Jenna fully supported her decisions all the way.

“I was ecstatic for her, I was so excited for her.” Jenna said. “The opportunity she had to play for a Pac-12 school, is an opportunity that not many people get. It is such a great blessing. I knew she would get an excellent education and have great coaching.”

Not only is Jenna a supporter, but the entire family serves as a huge support system for Kama as well. Throughout her years at UA, Kama’s family has come to as many games as they can to watch her. Although the family lives in Idaho, they still love making trips to Kama’s games to cheer her on.

“My family is a huge support for me.” Kama said. “They have been supportive throughout my whole basketball career since I was little. It helps a lot in times of adversity. You always have people to talk to and lean on.”

Despite living 1,400 miles apart, Kama and Jenna try to be around each other as much as they can. The Griffitts sisters share a passion for life, especially when they are living it together.

“Jenna and I are a lot alike.” Kama said. “Anytime I am around her, it’s the best experience. We always make each other laugh and she is a very genuine person. I just love her.”

As Kama embarks on her senior season, Jenna will be watching every move and has also offered her a bit of advice for making the most of her last year.

“Take advantage of every opportunity she has, when it comes to her academics, professors, and the great people surrounding that university.” Jenna said. “Play because you love the game, and you have a great time doing it because time goes by so quickly.”

The season officially kicks off as the Wildcats begin practice on Monday, Sept. 30. Regardless of what the season brings, Kama knows she will always have the support of her family and especially her sister, Jenna. 

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